A2 1 READING VOCABULARY Completa il testo con le parole mancanti per ricostruire la trama. Jack is a young man who lives in the 1. where he is responsible for a girl whose name is 2. . When he goes to 3. , he changes his name into 4. . There, he falls in love with 5. , who wants to marry him because of his name, but Gwendolen s mother doesn t approve because he is an orphan. Algernon, Gwendolen s 6. and Jack s friend, decides to go to Jack s country house to meet 7. and he also 2 READING WRITING changes his name into 8. , telling everybody that he is Jack s 9. . When Jack/Ernest and Gwendolen arrive at the country house, they meet Algernon/Ernest and Cecily. After some misunderstandings, the two girls become 10. and find out that their future 11. lied to them about their real identity. At the end, Miss 12. reveals the truth and the two young men can marry Cecily and Gwendolen. Scrivi le domande per le seguenti risposte. 1. It s a paradoxical comedy in three acts written by Oscar Wilde. 2. To escape the oppressive social obligations of the rigid Victorian upper-class society. 3. Earnest means honest and serious , but, with the same pronunciation, it s also a male name. 4. He ridicules Victorian hypocrisy. 3 Traduci le citazioni del testo, scegli quella che ti sembra più divertente e spiega alla classe le motivazioni della tua scelta. WRITING SPEAKING CREATIVITY DO-IT-YOURSELF Leggete il brano, rispondete alle domande, poi 4 scrivete un breve testo su un compagno, un insegnante, un personaggio famoso o un evento usando una delle tecniche proposte. 5 WRITING PAIR WORK What is Satire? Satire is a literary genre characterised by strong irony. Satire can be found in famous literary works, TV shows, comics and even in Internet memes. Satire has four main elements: Exaggeration: representing something beyond normal limits so that it becomes ridiculous; Incongruity: presenting things that are out of place or absurd in relation to the context, for example, including details that do not make sense with the rest of the story; Parody: imitating the style of some person, place, or thing in order to ridicule the original; Reversal: presenting the opposite of the normal order. For example, the order of events such as serving dinner before breakfast or hierarchical order for example when a young child makes all the decisions for a family. Adapted from: www.readwritethink.org/sites/ default/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson936/ SatiricalTechniques 1. What is satire? 2. How does incongruity work? 3. What is the purpose of parody? 4. What technique represents things in an order which is the opposite of the normal one? WRITING PAIR WORK La scena più famosa dell opera è quella in cui la madre di Gwendolen, Lady Bracknell, intervista Jack per capire se sia un buon candidato per sposare la figlia. Leggetela, adattatela e interpretate la scena a coppie.