ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY Smart Clothes WARM-UP Smart work clothes: Samsung has made a smart business suit that can exchange digital business cards, unlock phones, and interact with other devices; Cosa indossi di solito? Hai delle marche di abbigliamento preferite? In che modo miglioreresti la qualità dei tuoi abiti? SPEAKING 45 Smart clothes, or high tech clothing , have been improved with technology to add functionality beyond that of the traditional use. Some use advanced fabric , while others add sensors and additional hardware to make them smart . Many smart clothes can connect to an app or be controlled by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Examples of smart clothes Examples of high-tech clothing include: Smart socks: they have special sensors that can detect which part of your feet is receiving the highest pressure during your walk or run and can send this data to a smartphone app to help you walk in a better posture or run faster; Smart shoes: a famous American multinational restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, has experimented limited-edition smart shoes that can order pizza. These shoes are connected with Bluetooth and GPS to know your location. Through a special app, you simply press a button on your shoes and they connect to the app to order the pizza you like; GLOSSARY to add: aggiungere beyond: oltre due: a causa di to embed: inserire fabric: tessuto garment: indumento pollutant: inquinante to reward: ricompensare to track: tracciare to unlock: sbloccare wool: lana 90 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. READING Smart fitness wear: there are t-shirts that can connect to a smartphone app to record fitness activity and recommend new workouts; Smart casual wear: some clothing companies have embedded technology into some clothing to track product usage and reward customers for time spent wearing them. Rispondi alle domande. What are smart clothes? What are smart socks? What can Samsung s smart work clothes do? How does smart fitness wear work? How do famous American clothing brands experiment on smart clothes? 6. Why are smart clothes more expensive than regular ones?